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Chicago Bulls

Bulls remain focused on superstar hunt in 2019, 2020 NBA free agency



john paxson bulls press conference

Locked On Bulls is back with a special 4th of July episode, the guys kick off the show talking about what the NBA needs to consider now that the balance of power has completely shifted to the Western Conference.

The guys debate whether or not the NBA should go to a 1-16 seeding system or look to realign the Eastern and Western Conference.

Which one makes the most sense and what are some of the downfalls of both?

Locked On Bulls spends the rest of the episode taking your mailbag questions in their weekly Bulls mailbag.

You can be a part of the conversation by tweeting at us @LockedOnBulls or dropping us a question via text or voicemail at (331)-979-1369.

Some of the topics discussed on today’s mailbag include whether the Bulls should just take the risk on Zach LaVine or not, what happens if they strike out again in free agency over the next two seasons, Lonzo Ball to Chicago, Dennis Schroder, what free agents would be on the top of the guys list for 2019 and 2020, and whether or not the Bulls will be tanking again this season.

All of this and so much more on Locked On Bulls.

Jordan Maly is a writer and podcast host who originates from Naperville, IL. He is a graduate of Indiana University. Jordan’s history of coverage includes the Indiana Pacers, Indiana University Athletics, and NCAA basketball. Jordan currently writes for SB Nation’s BTPowerhouse and FanSided’s Busting Brackets. Jordan’s previous work has been featured on Bleacher Report, Sports Illustrated, FOX Sports, Seth Davis Draft House, FanSided, and the Chicago Tribune.

1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Claire

    July 4, 2018 at 4:20 pm

    Hello Jordan!

    I’m a bulls fan writing you from France!
    I’m not registered on twitter, so I wanted to share my opinion by mail, on the future of my beloved chicago bulls.

    First of all, I think that we did a very good draft this year by getting:

    -WCJ: a Nikola Jokic/ Al Hardford kind of player, but stronger physically speaking. For me , this guy has one of the most important thing in a team sport: basketball IQ. You can learn how to shoot 3’s by practice. You can build your body to be an great athlete by working in a gym. But basketball IQ is both innate and a personality trait of the greats. This man has it.
    -Chandler Hutchison: who can be, in the best case scenario a kind of Scottie Pippen (by the way, nobody was mad about Scottie being 22 years old when he was drafted by the bulls, same thing with Draymond Green. So I’m asking our fans to stop hating on this young man for being a four year-college ball player) , the worst case scenario: Jimmy Butler. 🙂

    Finally, I would like to tell you that, we just need 3 things to be a championship contender:
    1) a backup PG.
    I’m not sold on Cameron Payne. I’m not saying that he is bad, but I just need to see him an entire year before giving a fair judgment. At least, I saw in him as a good passer….
    I think that it would be good to have a veteran PG who could have teach Kris Dunn how to elevate is game.
    By the way, I take this opportunity to tell you that: we’re not GSW. We don’t need to have a 3 point shooter PG. GSW IS GSW. We need to grow with our own philosophy… Who was the PG of our Chicago Bulls back in the Jordan’s era??? …… 🙂 … History don’t well remember him I think (not that he was a bad player)

    2) a backup SF
    Either a veteran SF, or younger one, like Jerami Grant (6ft 7, 7.2 wingspan). David Nwaba is small to be an elite SF (without questionning is qualities).

    3) a A POTENTIAL HALL OF FAME player.
    I’m not talking about an all star or a superstar. I’m talking about an elite player.
    Our big goal needs to be one and only player: ANTHONY DAVIS.
    This man , with KD are the two players from the next generation who can make history in this game. They can play and can guard one to five. Everything.
    The Kawhi, Paul George (who can not play defence), Jimmy Butler, CAN NOT CHANGE THE FACE OF A FRANCHISE. There are GOOD LIEUTENANTS, BUT NOT GREAT CAPTAINS.
    This is the goal: Anthony Davis in 2019 or 2020.
    During this period, our young core HAS to grow like the Draymond, Steph and Klay, that nobody thought there were going to be. To put it simple: THEY NEED TO BE THE BETTER VERSION OF THEMSELVES.

    The last thing is a question mark: Zach Lavine. I have doubts about his character in the locker room. I hope is not a diva, because he is speaking highly about himself. I believe that he has a very good potential. I don’t know if he is going to be great, because the greatest SG knew how to play defense (MJ, Kobe). I get that he wants the max because he sees himself as a franchise player. But he’s coming back from an severe injury and the bulls F.O shouldn’t rush to pay him more than 17 millions.
    If he’s not happy, then we need to let him go, thinking about Anthony Davis replacing him.

    At the end:
    P: Kris Dun / Payne-veteran PG
    SG: Zach Lavine/ Denzel-Anthonio Blakeney- (Anthony Davis)
    SF: Anthony Davis/ Chandler Hutchison-Jerali Grant
    PF: Lauri / BP- (Anthony Davis)
    C: WCJ/ Felicio -(Anthony Davis)

    =>>>>>>>>> LEGACY

    Merci Jordan ,
    A bientôt ! (see you soon)

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